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  • Meditation

    While the effects of asanas are mainly physio-psychic, the effects of meditation are mainly psycho-spiritual. By spiritual we do not mean ghosts and spirits! Spiritual is another word for “higher mental”. While we solve math problems, design a car engine or navigate the Web, these […]

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  • The Greatness of Fasting

    The greatness of yoga is that it is not only dealing with the flexibility of the body, but it literally deals with every aspect of human life: body, mind and soul. To have a healthy mind one needs to have a healthy body. To get […]

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  • Deep Relaxation With Yoga

    By Didi Anandamitra Acarya (Ananda Marga Yoga Society) Extracts from “Yoga for Health” Modern life is a perpetual race against time. Business pressures, hurried meals, over stimulating entertainment, improper food, indulgence in alcohol and drugs, continual emotional tension and anxiety–all are taking their toll in […]

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