Yoga Therapy: Natural Health Consultations

“Just as diseased body organs can be restored to normal by administering medicines internally or externally, they can also be healed, more safely and more perfectly with the help of Yogic asanas”
P.R. Sarkar
Founder of the New Science of Bio-Psychology, author of “Yogic Treatment and Herbal Remedies”

handsAlthough yoga is commonly thought to be a great workout or toning regime, little is known of its therapeutic application for illnesses and disease. Yet yoga asanas (“posture comfortably held”) form an integral part of the traditional Indian healing science known as Ayruveda.

Yoga therapy consultations are available to the public under the guidance of an experienced yoga therapist/naturopath. Patients fill out a natural health questionnaire, receive a consultation and then will be advised on the best way to treat their condition through diet, exercise, detoxification regimes, yoga poses, meditation, use of water and natural treatments.

The consultations include a yoga therapy class which offers individualized instruction for those who seek to improve any aspect of their health or well-being. The class includes a scientific method of meditation for achieving mental balance as well as the yogic therapeutic dance known as “kaoshikii” (meaning “the dance of mental expansion”).

The yoga therapy classes are based on the Rajadhiraja (King of Kings) yoga style. It is characterized by its effect on the hormonal secretions from the endocrine glands thereby removing hormonal imbalances and leading to a greater sense of mental balance and equipoise. They aim at a long term and permanent alleviation of any minor or major health complication. The classes are led by a yoga master in this yogic style, whose methodology is different from the yoga taught in contemporary yoga schools.

As each person will have their own set of yogic postures to do, you do not require any previous yogic practice to join the class.

Even if you don’t suffer from any particular ailment but would like to experience a new style of yoga which includes meditation, feel free to join us!

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