Family People’s Retreat Loved by All

Our first ever Family People’s Retreat in the ancient Cradle of Humankind, Magaliesburg was thoroughly enjoyed by the seven adults, four teens and seven children who spent the February 14-16 weekend together.


There was a little bit of everything for all ages and sizes. A hike and swim in the man-made lake for the teens; fun games and easy yoga for the little ones; meditation and sharing on integrating the spiritual lifestyle in the family for the adults and loads of delicious vegetarian food for everyone!


The close bonding of eighteen strangers in a short span of 48 hours was testimony to the subtle effects nature has on the human mind and heart. All of those who came expressed a sincere wish to follow up their progress on their spiritual journeys six months down the line at the same lovely, family-friendly venue of Melody Hill. Two yoga monks with wide experience with youth led the program ably assisted by our vegetarian cook who has lovingly prepared healthy plant-based meals for Ananda Marga retreats over the last thirty years!


A nice balance between program and down time ensured that everyone’s needs for relaxation, stimulation and learning were well met in an easy-going, friendly manner.


Stay tuned to these pages for follow up Family People’s Retreats in the months ahead!



We are offering a family people’s retreat in response to the request of previous retreatants to try and interest their spouses in a healthier way of living.


The basic format of yoga sessions, meditation practice, vegetarian food and nature walks will remain as a backdrop. But our workshops will focus on issues related to the family.


Specifically we will look at what challenges families face to adjust their lifestyles to incorporate a more spiritual element in them. It will be an opportune environment for couples to re-connect and share together away from the stresses of urban living.


Workshop leaders will include family people who have found innovative ways to attain the ever difficult balance between family needs, personal needs and economic needs.


We encourage you to bring along your children of whatever age! The youth can engage themselves in hiking, while the younger ones can enjoy the gentleness of nature or join the kids’ yoga classes!  This is one retreat where children’s noises during meditation will be tolerated and accepted! So please don’t hesitate. Even for those who have never done yoga or meditation before the program specifically caters to their situation.


Take this unique opportunity to share with other like minded couples that seek greater balance in their family relationship based on a holistic lifestyle.

Although the retreat will focus on couples with children it is not restricted to them alone. If you are a couple without children please feel free to join us that weekend.


The Registration Form can be downloaded here.

The Retreat Schedule is available here.

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