Wellness – Yoga Detox Retreats

There are many definitions and many paths to “Wellness”. In Ananda Marga, by wellness, we mean an integrated, holistically functioning body-mind-spirit complex. In order to achieve such a high level of wellness one must undertake a few simple but highly effective practices.

One such practice is the regular habit of fasting. Fasting is known since ancient times as a core component of longevity and mental vitality. It is found in one form or another in all cultures and communities.

A Juice Fasting Detox is a fully comprehensive cleansing program that will revitalize you for good health, weight loss and mental clarity. Juice fasting with high energy, freshly pressed juices gives your digestive system the rest it needs. You will also learn how to purify your digestive system for optimal nutrient absorption. Your stamina and vitality will build every day with yoga, meditation and walking. If you suffer from bad eating habits, chronic tiredness, mood swings, and negative thought patterns, there is no better way to a healthier, happier you.

Our next Yoga Detox Retreat is our annual 10 Day Yoga Detox Camp scheduled for 6 – 15 January, 2017 in Pumula, South Coast, KZN . To learn more about that visit: http://yogainjoburg.co.za/category/events/